Monday, November 03, 2008

Progress? I guess

Next time someone wonders whether I can volunteer my time for a "church" related project (in this case attempting to recover a system and "maybe" some photographs) I need to remember my new motto "Nope."

Yep, that chopped more than twelve hours out of my life. Good quality "veg in front of the tv" time.

Been working on my hotel. Let me assure you that 4*4 support posts are really small in N scale.

I've included a photo. I see LOTS of things that need work! Including resetting a few posts. I just added "tongue and grove" UNDER a few of the porch roof sections. Nuts? Darn right but the heavier porch column will attach here. All of the "tin roof" panels are made from a "new" product. Grooves are scribed in the sheet styrene. Then strips are "sunk" into the grooves to give the appearance of ribs in the roof. Yeah it works but it is tedius.

Fast approaching the point where I'll be painting and weathering. Brought back some dry pigments from France. They were made in a town we visited. Supposed to combine with oil and make my own oil paints. I saw other possibilities.

Rain headed in from Wilmington. At least I got the grass cut. Tomorrow we are going to HIKE to the polls. Chances are the parking will be the real issue. So we'll cut over to the tracks and walk down the tracks. WAtch out for the 8:30 AM westbound.