Monday, June 15, 2009

Two questions

There are two statements that I happened upon today. One is that all good narrative is suspense and that the goal must be forward motion.

It would be easy to get bogged down in a detailed examination of these statements but then that would probably (no probably about it) negate the two statements.

I went to a meeting of a historical society yesterday- that is historical information.
Perhaps I should ask two questions:

If I were to join (get involved) would I find suspense? Would there be forward motion?

Objectively I suspect the answer to both questions is , “no.”

So I don’t think I should join. Damn that is too easy.

There are folks and or sites that I frequent on the net. If I were to ask the two questions and the answer is “no” then why bother returning to those folks or sites?

In a way this is a Return on Investment question.

If there is no return on investment then why bother?

This approach could quickly simplify my life. It could make it as boring as crap.

Where’s the ROI. Where’s the forward motion.

At least pushing the lawn mower today I experienced “forward motion.” Not much suspense.

Do you think there is a reason no one has ever written a rock song about a twirling lawn mower blade (dull or sharp.)?