Friday, September 04, 2015

Is anybody out there?

OK. For everyone that thought of Pink Floyd give yourself a pat on the back- or a patricia.

I was looking for something else with a Google search and ran across this "blog" that I'd toyed with literally years ago. For some unknown reason (literally again!) it had been slammed into a list of blogs associated with Asheville, NC.

Now then. It has been festering out here on the web for years with not a single new post. It makes me wonder, "Does anyone look at that blog list and go any further?"

So I have a challenge for ANYONE who finds this blog and this post.

Let me know you've read it and I'll try to write another post. Perhaps that  indicates that I'm a glutton for punishment.

But for the fun of it.... here is an update on Monk Ki for your entertainment.

Monk Ki was trying to see. Really. His eyes had been getting worse but not from the cataracts in the Nantahala Gorge but from the other kind. You know those attendant to old age.

So he now sits and puts a salve in his eye. I would have said "magic potent" but it is not magical; in fact, it doesn't see to help that much. Unlike  OTC Visine it isn't even getting the red out.

But better eye sight seems to entail lots of sitting. Maybe that is Mink Ki's problem. But he tries.

At this point things in the distant are clearer than things up close. He can see the mote in the eye of the man standing on Mt. Mitchell from Craggy Garden. Unfortunately, knowing what time it is on his watch entails holding it at a distance. That means he's still not sure what time it is. It certainly doesn't feel like Autumn.