Tuesday, June 28, 2005

No big deal

Around these hills you'd think someone declared war on Heaven after the recent Supreme Court ruling on the Ten Commandments.

In my way of thinking that's a real oddity. Let me get this straight.

It's good to throw the Ten Thou Shalts in wrong-doers faces. Excuse me but what the heck are the bad guys doing in Court unless they've already come close to breaking these words to start with?

Maybe the real problem is we need the words hanging in places of worship and strip joints and casinos and the offices of the Board of Directors. We need to remind folks what they should and shouldn't be doing BEFORE they end up in court.

Of course maybe some of the politicians, and corporate thieves and miscreant ministers don't want to be reminded of the way they should behave. It's so darn easy to talk about drunks, floozies and rock stars who are a bad influence but last time I checked no one expected them to be pillars of the community. Isn't it time the "examples" acted like examples? Heck I wash my hands after being in the facilities and I use my seatbelt. Seems like common sense.

Next time I visit Zeb Hamner over at his place I'm going to ask him if he's posted a framed copy of the Ten Commandments at his moonshine still. Maybe he's afraid a federal agent will arrest him for that. Of course he was fuming down at the Tastee Freez about damn liberal judges... guess he feels like he can cast that there first stone.