Thursday, February 09, 2006


Demonizing is an interesting word. It’s an interesting concept. It’s an interesting approach to many facets of life.

I’m reminded of my grandparents telling me that during WWI they called Dachsunds “victory dogs” and sauerkraut “victory cabbage.” The German soldiers were even called krauts by some.

Man is pretty darn good at demonizing his “perceived” enemies. We used to have “Reds” and “Russians” “Gooks” and Slope-eyes.” Now we have terrorists and rag heads. Of course some might even suggest that we also have Democrats and Republicans and Liberals and Conservatives.

Some folks think that calling folks “hippies” in some way demonizes a group of folks. Of course we could also point at “religious fundamentalists” and atheists too.

Right now some “talking heads” want to suggest that anyone who is against “wiretapping” (on a broad scale) is in some way “anti-american.” An instance of demonizing? Of course, if the shoe is on the other foot those folks would be “law-breakers.”

Three are many shades of gray. Heck even the color gray has two spellings. If you call me a name are the rules of the game that I should call you something too?

In a way calling people names makes life easier. The fewer categories there are the easier it is to see ourselves in the “good” category and the “other” folks as being in the “bad/evil” category. It makes it much easier to hate and love.

It bothers me that so many people today want so desperately to define life by who hates us and who we hate. Right now, I’m watching people literally riot in one country because of cartoons published in another country (months ago.) Are we so desperate to hate someone, anyone, that we go to these extremes?

Oh yeah, I might as well admit it right now- I don’t understand people who seek to so narrowly define life, morality, and even ethics. Come to think of it- I hate ignorant people.