Sunday, February 05, 2006

Snow White

What's so unusual about white snow? Not much unless you turn it around. And then the next thing you start looking for is the Seven Dwarfs. Which one do you think of first?

Lot's of folks in these parts think of Grumpy first. That's their nature. Me? I'm just partial to Dopey. Think what you want. Quite honestly, a guy that smiles and does what he's asked to do or what he does because it just seems to be the right thing to do without thought to consequences seems like a nice way to go through life.

This all gets me back to my original thought. Pinky Green was walking by the other day. I waved and she stopped to jaw for a couple of minutes. She lives up on the other side of Hickory Cove. She likes the weather we've been having. It's good for her aches and pains.

"Back in '69, now there was a cold snap. I was a lot younger back then but darned if that winter didn't set my bones to grating."

She still cuts and splits her own cordwood. Quite a lady. Her husband died long before I knew her. He was supposed to be a rough and tumble sort of man who didn't take grief from no one. Jumped into the French Broad to save a little girl. She lived. His heart seized up after he brought her ashore. I guess in a way some folks would say he was Dopey.

"You ought to stop on down. You know I've got Dwight's old still kicking good. Makes some good bone medicine. Bout a million proof."

That's the way Pinky approaches life. Brin on the cold weather.