Friday, February 03, 2006


Crackers, Gaddis, a warm day, and an old dog. It's not the type of surroundings one seeks to really crank up life.

Saltine crackers. Rather bland by themselves but the crunch adds a little bit of excitement. On other days I might be tempted to slather one or two with Tabasco Sauce. Today I just munch away.

Gadddis. I know. most folks have never heard of him and those who chance upon one of his books probably puts it down quickly as if it burns their fingers. I'm reading his last Agape Agape. There is something about reading that book with a dog whose days are fast drawing to a close.

At least the day is warm and my computer has been cleared of some malware that I dumped on it by opening a file. I know better. It only took a couple of hours of work and research to find and execute the solution. THe price I pay for never being content with the way my computer entertains me.