Friday, April 07, 2006

Lucky, I guess

At least we don't have too many tornadoes around here. I manage to keep things pretty topsy-turvy on my own.

The "new" roll around computer stand I built has a few aspects that I'm not in love with. My knees seems to be drawn to the vertical supports. I'd like the keyboard a scunch closer to me. Might have to add a "drop shelf for that. Hmmm. Not too manu folks go to the extreme that I did. Motyise and tenon construction. OK I need to get a life but I felt like using my chisels, of course that meant sharpening them and even getting out my leather strop.

Then of course my "auto" send of the blog ran into a technical glitch. Seems that my "blog user"has to be a member of the Google group. Talk about shooting self on foot. Could be worse, I could be the "Leaker in Chief."

Last night I was prancing around the bedroom trying to help my wife get comfortable in bed. Was it the weather or some exercise she did earlier in the day. I can tell that old age could be a real bitch in life.

At least I have the internet. The puppy has been gone for a month now. I find that hard to believe. It seems like yesterday.