Thursday, May 18, 2006

Old oriental saying

There's an old oriental saying that "Clever men are employed by fools."

Most people think of that as just their bosses. I'm sitting here thinking of our elected officials. Of course, that makes us all fools.

I was watching the hearings on Hayden this morning. We seem to enjoy dancing on swords these days instead of beating them into plowshares. Like everyone else I bemoan the fact their our world is inhabited by terrorists but let's face it, when wasn't it?

We are spending billion of dollars on stopping terrorism. Talk about a return on investment. Osama spent the price of a few airline tickets, a few training classes, and some box cutters. Throw in the promise of virgins for nineteen men. A few more men like Osama and we could spend until our country is in a debt hole that we can never climb out of. Oh, that's right, we're already deep in that hole.