Thursday, June 15, 2006


Monk Ki wandered up into the mountains. This time of year the new growth has a tinge of green yellow that just can't be seen any other time of the year.

He became winded along the lower edge of one of the ridges so he sat on a rock and listened. The wind whispered its secrets but in a language that was unknown to Monk Ki so he just listened to the melody. AS he sat there a cloud passed over the sun. The shadow caught his attention. He looked up.

He felt young again. The cloud looked just like a dragon. It was an imperial dragon. He could tell because he counted the five claws on on of the paws.

And then there was another sound.

Far away he heard the call of a woman. He couldn't tell what she shouted. And then he heard the echo.

The words of Master Ho Ha flooded his memory.

"When the roar of the dragon becomes an echo it is time to move."

"Monk Ki stood on his rock and looked up the ridge. There was a clearing on the next ridge over. He saw movement. A young woman with disheveled hair stood there with her hands cupped around her mouth. A second later he heard her call. He waited. The echo returned. He might as well leave she was just listening to her voice.