Wednesday, August 23, 2006


I know; go tilt at windmills. Go stick my finger in a dike!

I went to Home Depot today. It's not my first time. It might very well be my LAST time.

I needed a piece of wood cut. (Give me the darn code to the on-ff and I'll cut it myself. It's easy!.)

I went to the cashier when no one came to offer help.

Three cashiers having a good social time at the contractors' check out. No one could help. (They weren't trained to help me.) THey offered to call for me.

Five minutes and FOUR announcements later I was still waiting for a person in an orange apron to answer the call.

So I went in search of the manager.

He/she was called MULTIPLE times (from the store OFFICE) and the staff was laughing about where he might be this time. Get the picture?

So I went to Lowes.

When I got home I was still seething. So I found the 800 number.

INDIA! Their CALL center for upset customers is in INDIA.

NO HELP there either.

I finally got to Atlanta. Ostensibly the President's office. (I wonder).

Again, NO HELP!

I guess they don't want my money. I can do that. I hope all of my friends and sub-contracting friends join me.

If Home Depot doesn't care about customers; they don't deserve customers.