Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Another one bites the dust

I've been a subscriber to a small model railroad magazine for years. I have all of the issues. I have a subscription through this year. I understand the owner and editor took it off of life support in September.

Part of me is sad.
Part of me is mad.
Part of me is frustrated.
Part of me feels a lot older.

All of this galled old fool is divided into four parts. None of us sinngs harmony worth a damn. Here I am writing about the demise of a model railroad magazine as if it was a great friend. North Korea thinks the world has declared war on it. Talking heads are upset by Madonna trying to adopt a child from third world country but I haven't heard a one of them say they sent money to help the situation. There was an earthquake in Hawaii and Buffalo residents lost power when an early snow snapped their trees.

Yeah, but where are the technical drawings of a long gone wooden box car?

No wonder I was separating bolts from screws yesterday in the workshop. Bolt the door the world is screwed up. Sigh.