Sunday, January 28, 2007


Master Ho Ha grunts, "Harumph." He slowly rocks and stands. Older age and cold weather makes sitting in a lotus position more of a challenge on certain days. This is one of them.

He looks around. Behind him sits Monk Ki. His student seems to be rocking back and forth with too much regularity. Master Ho Ha walks over to his student so quietly that his shadow doesn't follow.

"What are you doing?" Master Ho Ha's voice splits the air like an early morning burst of thunder.

Monk Ki smiles and looks up. "Grooving."

"Grooving? What is grooving." Master Ho Ha shouts.

"You know; being one with the universe, that sort of thing."

"Have you done what I instructed you to do? Have you checked on your studies?"

"Time. Plenty of time. I'll get around to it."

Master Ho Ha leans closer and his horse hair tipped staff whacks Monk Ki on both shoulders. "Now is the only thing that is important!"

"Right. Now. I'll take care of it later."

"Now!" Master Ho Ha's hand darts out and catches Monk Ki right between his shoulder blades. He finds himself on his face. He turns and Master Ho Ha is standing between him and the sun. He squints in the bright light.

"I see the light!"

"Not likely. You're too damn blind to see. You can't even sit around and do nothing correctly!"

"But I do that so well."

"Harumph! No duality. Not well. Not bad. Nothing at all. Do it." Master Ho Ha goes for some hot tea.

"Young students! If they knew anything they wouldn't be students."