Sunday, January 21, 2007

I might be the only one

At the rate things are going I might be the only non-candidate for President or Vice President by the time the primaries et al are held. Everyone and his brother (or sister) seems to be interested. I don't get it. Is it because they think they have something to offer or is it that that think anyone can do a better job than the current elected officials? Of course, maybe the really good candidates are nowhere to be found. They are running large corporations for obscene amounts of money (present company not included.)

I was reading information about Amory Lovins last night. This is a man who people ought to get to know. If nothing more he might make a few of us think. I intend to track down some of his books and read read read. I think it will be better than reading the local newspaper editorials.

So I've got was running, the front steps covered (against ice) and I've had my daily alotment of tuna fish salad. Polish of my day with a dinner of spicey lentils tonight and maybe Jane Eyre on PBS. Sometimes, that's life.