Thursday, March 01, 2007


Monk Ki looks across the yard. Robins are bouncing across it, helter skelter, pausinng and poking at the ground. For a moment he mistakes Master Ho Ha in his dark robe. He looks like a gigantic robon without the red breast.

"Monk Ki, what are you doing?"

Monk Ki looks around hoping therre might be another monk by the same name. "Nothing."

"I doubt that." Master Ho Ha laughs.

"Master, why don't the robins sit meditation?"

Master Ho Ha cocks his head askew just like a robin hoping the movement in the grass might be a juicy worm and then looks at the young monk. He decides that this is not the time or place for an involved discussion of practice or philosophical matter. The day is too nice.

Master Ho Ha notices a small worm just barely moving under a blade of grass. A robin jumps in and frees the lunch from the ground.

"They don't have knees, Monk Ki. They can't sit crosslegged in a full lotus position."

"Oh." Monk Ki looks at his teacher hoping for more information. Master Ho Ha looks at him, winks, and then hops through the grass as light as a robin. He reaches down and picks up a small twig that has fallen from a tree.