Wednesday, March 14, 2007

What can I say

I dare say that gentle readers haven't heard of Dr.Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar. I'm not surprised. After all, he died way back in 1956. For some readers this was too long ago. So why am I raising his visage? Ah, a time for the quote that captured my attention for a few seconds:

If you want to gain self-respect,
change your religion.

If you want to create a cooperating society,
change your rfeligion.

If you want power,
change your religion.

If you want equality,
change your religion.

If you want independence,
change your religion.

If you want to make the world in which you live happy,
change your religion.

Of course let me put that in context. He said it in 1935. He said it in India. He spoke to members of the "outcasts" of the Hindu religion.

Suppose he had said that today to you? Suppose he had said it today to someone of another religious belief?

Could you consider it?
Could they consider it?

Are we too attached to our religion to change our identity?

Do not answer too quickly, think quietly of the minset of the fundamentalists. Think quietly of the terrorists of various religions (Islam is not the only religion which has fostered terrorists).

Perhaps this is a question that should be discussed in religious gatherings. It might help us understand others better.