Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Explanation needed

Maybe I've just got too much free time. If you agree with that answer, please do not send it to me.

The local newspaper has a "real estate" section just like other cities. The local free newspaper carries ads for real estate companies. Local magazines carry ads for local real estate companies. All of these publications carry ads for other products and services.

So now what am I complaining about, you ask?

Real Estate agents seem to love to see their photographs in these ads. Granted there isn't an ugly one to be seen but why have they been convinced that their picture will help them sell a house or industrial site?

Are we supposed to look at the picture of the agent and say, "Darn he/she looks pretty honest, I'd like to buy a property from that person"?

Heck, some of the ads don't even have a picture of the property for sale, just the agents mug. Four bedroom house, needs some paint, look at my blond hair. I have the papers for you to sign.

If these pictures really help sell real estate or catch a person's attention why don't strippers sell real estate? They could really clean up! Why don't people that want to sell used cars include their pictures? I'll bet that lady who looks like she was born before Noah built his boat hasn't put much mileage on that Pinto! Looking for a house painter or a yard service? I'd be more inclined to at least interview a woman in a bikini to push a mower than the guy who just says he's been in business fifty years! He can't be that smart. He'd have figured out that he could make more money selling real estate. Maybe he was born ugly.