Friday, May 11, 2007



Monk Ki looked up. "Who said that?" He sits alone. He settles.


Once more, Monk Ki looks up. There is no one near him. Odd. He settles once more.


Monk Ki's eyes pop open in expectation. Once more he is only sitting by himself. He settles.

Monk Ki waits. His eyelids flash open. Nothing. The source must have gone. He settles.

"Got you to look. Hah ha"

This time Monk Ki refuses to open his eyes. In the distance the air shakes. A thunderstorm is growing. THe temple bell sounds. Modern technology, is great. The weather RADAR has predicted a storm. Time for the monks to return to the temple ground. What did they do in Dogen's day? They got very wet.

Monk Ki stretches and stands. At his feet is the bloom of a soft Lady Slipper. Tomorrow it will be gone.

The sky rumbles. The storm is closer.