Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The eyes have it

Somewhere I read that men (of our species) are visually oriented. The excuse given was eons of being hunters. If all hunters had my eyesight the human race would have died off before civilization but that's another story.

If indeed men are visually oriented that would explain why "we" quickly took to micro computers. Yeah I bought one of the early computers (Apple ][ ) to balance my checkbook and other data intensive nonsense. I spent more time writing a program to play mastermind(with graphics) with me and the first modification to the hardware was to give it a couple of more colors.

If the Internet was still ALL text base would there be as many men interested? Probably not.

And of course we have the shoot'em up games on computers. Gee, an up-date to our hunting DNA lust.

So is it any wonder that my poor brain makes the quantum leap to men being visually oriented.

Which seg-ways into the StumbleUpon world now being offered by StumbleUpon.com. It's easy to see why men might be attracted to StumbleUpon. Not only are we visually-oriented but what better way to sit quietly in a tree and wait for the "right" game to walk beneath the tree.

I just wish my StumbleUpon would put more railroad pictures under the tree. But then I always wanted Santa to put trains under the tree too.