Tuesday, September 04, 2007


It only seems appropriate that I've been railing at a few railroad folks this morning. Part of my frustration is the fact that comments were made by people who didn't get all of the facts before making negative comments about a certain historical group. By the same token, they were headed in the right direction (based on my experience) they just didn't support they "conclusions" very well. So I took keyboard in hand and sent messages to members of the Board of Directors, the group where the comments were posted, and even email to the people who raised the issues.

I'm a realist. The darn glass (when it comes to railroad historical groups) is half full and leaking like a sieve. Today folks are more excited by football teams, computer operating systems, and a thousand television stations than they are about old railroads. Anybody care to guess how many years it's been since asteam locomotive ran in South Carolina?

For the last several days I've been digging up a section of the yard. Maybe I need something more meaningful in my life. I attacked it with a spading fork. Several hundred square feet later, 8 inches down and three bales of peat moss as an amendment I've managed to take some of the compaction out of the soil, pull a lot of "local" inorganic potatoes" (rocks) from below the surface and prepare the ground for some new grass seed. Naturally after the manual labor I learn that one of my neighbors has a huge rototiller! Not as young as I used to be.

So life continues. I've been "experimenting" with a container of miso (crusted salmon with miso and ginger the other night) and we've been eating fresh tomatoes from a neighbor. The Basil has recovered from the "forced drought" and I've been working on my "railroad turntable."

So my advice to all you folks out there is: git er done!