Sunday, October 21, 2007

If you get the chance- don't miss it

If you get the chance, try to get to the National Gallery before January, 2008. Why? J.M.W. Turner exhibit.

I'm sure you know the title of the picture I posted, right? "Approach to Venice."

I'm never been to Venice. That picture almost makes me want to visit. I still think that picture reminds me more of the River Styx. That's what I like about Turner and his work. He always has me seeing something that is there, might be there or isn't there. I see it.

His colors so often scream "This is something BRAND NEW! Look! Never been seen before! After I'm gone you won't see it again! Look quick!"

That is an artist. He doesn't just throw his attempt at presenting the reality that lies before him. He creates a reality and sticks it in my eye.

I went to an art show yesterday. Quite honestly I think I was more excited by the ancient WWII bomber flying low over the area than I was by most of the work for sale. So many artists just replicated what they saw at their own skill level. Very few attempted to CREATE art. Sad but some of the photographers did a better job than some of the oil and water color artists.

Maybe I have a bias. Is that bad?

Git er done.