Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Election seasonm is closing in

Unfortunately humans have a knack for voting. I’ve never seen someone present the idea that any other creature votes. We “think” that democracy is the “big vote” idea but haven’t humans been voting since two of them found a reason to go against a third?

With the internet (and other things like psychology and theory) we’ve gotten better at voting. The web sites that help a person find a compatible partner (such as eharmony) are these just ways of voting? If there are enough things I approve about you- you get the votes. If you get enough votes then the system gives a person to see who won the election.

My mind goes off on tangents. Is something like eharmony potentially weakening the gene pool?

Say what?

Well in the old days the strongest and the smartest survived some ordeal (like going down the road to the next county) to find a spouse. If you didn’t get killed on the road, by disease, by the possible father in law or brother or suitor then you still had to impress the “beloved.” Now in the office or on your laptop you avoid the potential physical danger and the next thing you know there is this image on the screen.

Almost sounds too simple. But does this mean that people who don’t have “strong” characteristics are meeting mating and having off-spring?

Of course I’ll be the first to admit that if I lived two hundred years ago I’d have been dead years ago! Without eyeglasses I probably couldn’t see a deer standing ten feet away from me much less hunt it in the wild with a bow and arrow! I’d have died of starvation long ago or never seen the guy coming up on me to whack me in the head!

But we vote. We’ve become good at that. I vote every time I change channels with my remote. I vote whenever I change to another web site. I vote every time I buy something at the grocery store. There is a reason that they don’t sell horse meat at most US grocery stores. Yep, we voted with our wallets and they decided that there aren’t enough votes. And how many votes are there for catsup on a cracker?


WE just call it pizza.

WE have frozen pizza, pizza kits, fresh pizza and pizza delivered to the door. A good pizz probably cost about 1 buck and a half in raw ingredients but we’ve voted to pay more for it. WE vote for politicians. Some might call that SOS. But that’s just another vote.

My dog never voted. She’d just come up to me and lick my face. I don’t think she liked me as much as she figured out I’m just a sloppy eater. Her affection was a vote for me not to wash my face.

git er done