Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Seasonal changes

Maybe it’s the azimuth of the moon orbit. Maybe it’s the fact I’ve been listening to too much Bob Dylan these last few days. I could blame my diet. I have no idea.

Last night I was reading something that Maezumi roshi said about koan study years ago. That of course tickled memories of something that Masao Abe wrote. My reading and thinking seems to just put pitfalls traps and tempting thoughts in my path. I stayed up too late reading. I should be writing. I watched part of e debate before wanting to just escape and watch Boston Legal. It was after this diet that I switched over to reading. Four AM I found myself asleep in the library. I quietly hustled off to a warm bed I’d left hours before.

I like stimulation. I like to tweak my environment. I like music. I like art. I like television. I like communication. I like food. Five senses of sound taste smell touch sight . Yep. I’ve got them all and like to experience. This AM a cup of coffee the newspaper, tv takes care of many of hem temporarily. Right now I’m listening to even more Dylan after checking email and I have a warm shirt on in a cool room. Sensational.

I am a man who communicates with my self and others using this computer. I remember the excitement some of us felt when we were just getting into microcomputers back in the 1970’s. They were going to open so many new avenues. We were going to be empowered to change things. If only I’d known then what I’ve experienced now.

Games! I remember playing games that were more than primitive. Go to a big box store now and the games are beyond comprehension. And I play a small smattering of games. I never thought I’d listen to music playing through my computer. Back then music meant the radio or a vinyl platter spinning and bouncing through a stereo. Digital? That meant to do something with the fingers.

I’v got friends I never considered might exist. I’ve got writing friends, railroad friends, zen friends, wood working friends, and friends ho I just stumbled across and struck up conversations. My friends are digital. I tickle them by tickling the keys on my keyboard with my digits.

A case could be made that my life is better. A case could be made that it is worse. I haven’t got time to make a case study. I’ve got email to read.

git er done.