Monday, October 08, 2007


I never thought it would be this hard. I'm simply writing a story. That should be easy. Once upon a time, some action, and they lived happily ever after. The End. That is a piece of cake.

I'm digging a hole to China in quicksand. I'm spending way too much time re-writing. My intent is to arrive at a story that sells. That means that it has to impress a company that it can make money for them. So I write and I rewrite. I started with one hero. I have another hero. I had a darn great first sentence. Now that sentence is long gone. Motivation has changed. Voice has changed. Point of view has changed.

And I started this entry with "stimuli.' But why? Because this morning I was flailing about looking for the right stimulation to make me want to wake up. The morning paper wasn't the answer. Even a second cup of coffee wasn't the answer. Checking my email didn't help. Watching the morning news heads had me flipping channels each time I inhaled. I sauntered down to the computer, checked my email, cranked up some music. Not exactly.

And here I am trying to write a book that someone else would like to spend money on so that they have new stimulation in their lives. That is a glimpse at what my challenge is. I know that. I just can't find the words that say to me- "I'll bet they can't put this down!"

I'd put my writing down. But then I've already tried about a million ways to make my life exciting this morning.

Git er done.