Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Anoher cave another time

It was almost the seventies. Not quite. I was wandering along mountain trails around Black Mountain. It's nice country there. You cn feel almost as if you've left the world. Hey, maybe my ears were attuned to Southern Railway disesel locomotives but I could here them miles away down around Dendron.

I found what at first I thought was a cave. I stuck my head in and then a few toes. It was definitely man made. Does that make it a cave, a mine, or a burrow? Best I have figured through the years it might have been a place someone extracted Mica. On that same trek I noticed more than a couple of cow heads hung in trees. The first one was a bit unnerving. All stare and no moo. Seems that they are used during bear season to attract bear. Now I don't know about you but I can remember the local grocery store stocking bear meat. Maybe the real reason was bear galls. I understand the Chinese use them in medicine. Doctor Mom gall anyone recently?

These days I just live in what has recently been christened, "Your man cave." Yep, that's picture.