Monday, December 03, 2007


There are times when silence can be a good change. I'm not sure whether silence is really possible except for perhaps a deaf person. Even when I think it's pretty quiet I hear sounds. Ticking clocks, wind in the trees, my breathing, so maybe I should really suggest that quietude can be a good change.

Around here it get cooler again. A nice warm blanket feels pretty nice. My body is thinking that since winter is here it ought to squirrel away extra calories. A piece of chocolate within reach doesn't stand a chance.

Nitro Stan! That doesn't mean a thing to most folks. I bought a tube of the stuff last week. At my age you probably think it's some type of medicated goo for hair restoration, aches and pains or maybe return of the male libido. No way! Better than that. It's a spot body putty that is lacquer based for auto repair. No, I haven't taken up a new hobby. I read that it was great for model railroad projects. For less than eleven dollars I got a two life time supply of the stuf in a bright yellow tube.

It is a very fine textured filler. That means I can spread very small amounts and get a very smooth surface. I'm filling in unwanted windows on an N scale RPO. I've fashioned little rods with VERY FINE grit sanding paper on the end. Fill. Dry. Sand. Fill dry and sand. If I took this much care and effort with my graduate school work I might have gotten a Phd. But then I wouldn't have time to use Nitro Stan.

I'm also trying to research what the superheaters looked like and how they wre piped on a Southern Railway Ps-2 loco. That's become like looking for a DNA sequence in a hay stack!