Tuesday, December 04, 2007


I changed the Profile picture today. It's not as exciting as I'd hoped. I need to experiment a bit more. The Pacific locomotive isn't exactly where I want it. Hard to see the smoke and the cab. But I was taking a few pictures and decided to take a shot.

The picture included with this entry shows my efforts using Nitro-Stan. See that window on the right side? Last night I laid it out and cut it out of one piece of styrene. I need to make the top sash now. That's why I grind some of my xacto blades down as shown. Also those funky "stick" things are the tiny pieces of wet sanding paper I use . The one right next to the blade - it's a bit less than .1 inch. Have to sand away for a bit to get results.

Bet you're wondering about those "teeth" under the roof. The original car had those "clear" extensions to act as supports and as window backing. I needed to cut sections out because when I filled the windows the fillers extended into the space. Also where I "opened" my doors I couldn't have the clear material. The effort I'll expend in my "hobby."