Saturday, December 08, 2007

Yes and a little no

We moved to another ISP. That is an experience. You'd think if an ISP (connected with a well-known telecommunications would know how to use the telephone. "Please call back later. Click." That was the first hurdle just to get to sales. Hmmm "we want your money but we don't want to make it easy for you to give it to us."

OK so I clear sales and install is set up. The installer shows right on time. He works hard. I work alongside him. He appreciates my help. Six hours later he's leaving the house. End of story?

Well, sort of. I've heard that we might have a bit of an echo on the phone from folks we've called. Hmmmm. I heard that was a problem with Vonage but with a telecommunications company. And for some reason I get a lot of "sites not found" until I do a couple of refreshes. That is annoying.

And of course a few other "little things." "It says I'm connected to the other ISP." So I have to hunt down branding stuff on the Tile bar and change "throbbers". And we have to tell everyone we've changed ISPs. I'd started the process some weeks ago with my shift to Gmail. I'm a fast learner. I'm not going to change my email addresses again if I can avoid it. I don't think Google is going anywhere (Hint: watch the news it'll get bought by a Martian conglomerate next week!)

And my neighbor is switching over. Knowing what I knew I did a site survey for her. And then I volunteered to run power around her garage for the drop. They won't use a long extension cord! And other neighbors have questions. By the time I'm through I'll probably convince most of them to switch. Where's my sales commission? where's my installer consultation bonus. And I have lots of things to get back in place from pulling some wires too.

Am I having fun yet?

Well, maybe after I get the neighbor's power circuits in. Of course that took on a life of its own too. I saw that the garage door was powered by an extension cord!