Thursday, January 03, 2008

Cold winds

This time of year we get cold winds coming in from the north and west. The temperature outside as I write is below freezing. It sure is nice to just look at my computer screen and see that.

I went to the library today. I had a book that was overdue. It got lost under a pile of Christmas stuff. That's not really true. I was clearing a spot and put stuff from another room on top of it. Last night I happened to check my library records on-line. And then I went searching for the lost book. The trip cost me more than just a fine; the library had a "buy a bag of books" sale going on. I couldn't resists.

I wish I could report a bit of excitement in my life but I drift from high point to high point. An old movie on television or just a cup of chili. Today I spent at least five minutes buying pills for my cold. I had to give them my driver's license for proof that I am who I am. I wonder what illegal aliens do when they need to by OTC cold medication? I woner what would happen if I went out and bought some everyday. I'd probably have some guy in brown shoes knocking on my door. I hope I can sneeze on him if he shows up.

Git er done.