Thursday, January 10, 2008


All together now. Grin.

A new year gets some of us thinking about what we've done. A few of us think about what we haven't done. And then some odd combination of the flotsam get together and decide to cogitate on what we ought to do in this upcoming year. Most of the list makers soon lose their lists. Time keeps on ticking so I guess that's not a huge catastrophe.

Here I'm just grinding leaves, painting ceilings, stringing wires and more than likely eating a few too many calories. I complain a bit too.

The Monk Ki part of me has been fidgeting and thinking. That can be dangerous. I just try to sit until he leaves me alone. It would be nice to crunch around in some snow but since the temperature was more like April yesterday that probably won't happen in the next week. The poor frogs don't know whether to hibernate or wake up and croak. My guess id if they wake up and the weather changes they might indeed croak.

I should be reading or writing or doing mathmatical pretensions at this moment. Yeah right! Me and math!

Yesterday I ended up making a specialized plate for some electronic components. I try to use my drill press and other tools. See, my life is indeed boring.