Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Not photo journalism

A few pictures.
A photo of the turnout under construction (East Topton) with my big thumb.

East Topton a bit closer with a NYC Mikado steam loco that just traversed the turnout and has partially backed up.

First East Topton turnout taken from the other side of the room. You can see the two levels. Also you can see my computer monitor on my desk. You might be able to see Governors Island bridge on the level just above the monitor.
That ugly stuff around Topton is a packing material that I will use "under" the plaster mountains that will be planted with another forest of trees. Yeah, that is the basement window (just below ceiling height) that I painted over so folks can't see in from outside. The black paint makes the room dark as a cave.

No Pulitzer prizes for these photos!