Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The sun sits

Technically, that's not true. The sun moves and we're caught by it gravitational pull. The earth moves in orbit around the sun. I was tempted to say the sun sits still and we wander around it. It is moving too. Of course that means you'd have to buy into the big bang theory. There is never an easy answer.

Monk Ki revels in the warm air. Worms are crawling closer to the surface. Red shoulder hawks whistle over head. Raccoons sun themselves in a nearby tree.

I've planted peas and carrots. I've dug new locations for tomato plants. I'm plotting my strategy to dissuade pesky squirrels from getting my tomatoes. I've ruled out a ten foot high electrical fence.

This time of year is frought with weather changes. Nice weather next couple of days followed by rain and cooler weather. Ah, some time to work on another turnout near "Andrews" Soon I'll be Code 55 for all visible track. That is a milestone.

Little steps.