Saturday, April 12, 2008

No Golden Spike celebration

Final Code 55 track has been installed through Andrews, NC to wind "toward Muprphy" though it really reverses in the background to enter at the East end of Andrews. So after several years major track work has been completed. There is still work to be completed on a couple of turnouts at Andrews and the leads for the Ritter lumber company but trains can now go from Murphy Junction and Balsam (on the lower level) to Andrews on the upper level.

I've learned a great deal about building Code 55 turnouts since beginning at Bryson City. I'd like to think my skills have improved.

Now that track is completed I have miles of scenery but this can "limp along" while I operate an occasional train or two. A few turnouts are a bit noisier than I'd like so I'll be tweaking them too. I also want to add a few 4PDT controls to allow indicator lights for the reverse loops.

Next I'll attempt to add a few photos of the layout. This will let me document my progress and work. Of course photographs also show things that need to be corrected.