Monday, August 11, 2008

What sound?

In the last several days I can tell you a bit about the sound trees make when they fall in a forest. Today the sound isn't quite as loud because the ground has been churned up by machinery into a dry powder fluff (no rain in weeks) to the ground muffles the sounds a bit.

This AM while waking up over a cup of cofee I heard the words, "you'll never guess." She's right I never do. Seems that one of our neighbor's sons died unexpectedly last week. He graduated from high school with me and according to the paper was a couple of weeks younger than me. His mother was already not in great health and his father died years ago. Odd feeling to start being the "survivor" in a group of people I grew up with. Of course I doubt if I talked to him since before graduation 40 plus years ago. What did I hear?