Thursday, September 04, 2008

When does the cartoon start?

I understand. It is theater. Last week the Democrats put on their show. Their audience was other Democrats. This week the Republicans are putting on their show. Their audience is Republicans. Both groups preach to the choir. I get that.

But I’m not a member of either group. Maybe I have a bad habit of asking questions and looking at facts. Facts are often hard to uncover. I don’t doubt that Mr. McCain doesn’t WANT to raise my taxes. I (honestly) doubt that Mr. Obama WANTS to raise my taxes. Of course that doesn’t lower the debt. Politicians tell us what they think we want to hear not the real truth.

I’m tired of politicians who try to get my vote by appealing to my “reptilian brain.” (a reptilian brain is that part of us that controls up by fear and desire just to stay alive. Heck, that part of the brain is what some terrorists try to get others to think with too.) Heck, I’d have more respect for politicians if they strapped on bombs to show how seriously they support their positions! I’m tired of politicians who try to persuade me with easy answers that promise me more.

Maybe I look dumb. AS an example:

The energy situation is very complex. There is no easy answer to solve it. We missed the easy answers when the internal combustion engine was invented. Anyone who thinks that just drilling more holes in the ground is the answer has probably bought potato peelers at the state fair for way too much money. The fact is that the USofA is currently using 25% of the world’s oil (and producing way less that that) and the rest of the world is growing fast and using more oil is part of the real problem. It’s supply and demand. I have no problem with drilling. Go for it. Just don’t expect me to underwrite it or think that giving it away (like we’ve been doing for years) is the way to do it. If our President and Congress want to have a war (heck a dozen wars) it’s OK with me but let’s be honest with the citizens- tax us to cover the war rather than “putting it on a charge card” for our grandchildren to suffer. Talk about being fiscally responsible.

I could go on and on. With our 24-7 news and cable we have an army of “journalists” who have prostituted themselves to SELL their words. The only way to do that is with splash and wonder! Want to know why just factual news isn’t on 24-7? Look in the mirror. We don’t buy it. That’s one reason newspapers are going to die- they don’t entertain in a timely manner.

I’m tracking all of the requests I’m getting from both parties this year. I just might vote based on which party harassed me the least. That is a terrible way to vote. I know that. I’m on the DO NOT CALL registry. The politicians who call me are DUMB. Why do they think I’m on the list- so that they can call me because it’s “legal”? That proves they don’t know what I think is important or they don’t care.

Yes, this will probably be the most important election I’ve ever voted in! I know that. I haven’t voted for many winners in the past. That is sad. I honestly have voted for the candidates who I researched and believed were best for the country (not just me) year after year. My candidates keep losing and the elected candidates keep on doing a miserable job. I can at least say at a party- “Don’t blame me.”

"That's ALL Folks!"