Friday, April 29, 2005

See the news?

News is reporting that folks in Arkansas have seen the long lost ivory-billed woodpecker.

Round here we wouldn't have no trouble seeing a pecker that big. Heck, around these parts we'd have put the sucker in a cage and charged tourists admission to see it. Roddy Baxter would have carved damn good likenesses out of cedar stumps and be hawking them at his vegetable stand down by the road. And Constance Anne Nightshade would be down in her studio whipping up some WalMart craft paint so she could paint some mighty fine portraits of the bird. Not to mention that I'd have put signs up advertising t-shirt in multi-colors. "Don't Shoot us no bird."

Course those folks in Arkansas brought us a Democratic President and folks thought he was an extinct species too. Maybe there is hope for the country. Speaking of the country, thank goodness I make squat up here on the newspaper because I'll get tons of money from the Socially Correct Security while you folks making the big bucks will have to drool (At least according to the Bushman last night in his flippy flop.)

That's it from here.