Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Patsy Cline sang about it. Willy Nelson wrote the song. Lots of folks shake their heads in agreement with the sentiments. People a crazy. I should know; I'm crazy.

Granted you won't find me strapped into a white jacket but put me in front of a loaf of fresh itlalian bread and you'll see some uncontrolled drooling.

I was watching the news the other night. Satellites have brought fresh news to the mountain hollows. We used to get fuzzy pictures and bad sound on two stations. Now we pay a monthly bill and get more stations than you can watch if you wanted to. WE get up to the minute, heck up to the second news, they call it live news. Quite honestly, I think I prefer dead news. I really don't want to know what Suzy "can't speak a grammatical sentence" thinks about the tornado that juust tore her trailer apart. "It sounded like a freight train." Come on! I've never heard anyone say, "You know that freight train sounds just like a tornado."

So there I was munching a handful of pork rinds with a can of Bud and they start showing pictures of New Orleans. Talk about crazy. Those folks decided to build homes in a bowl of land that is lower than the river and the lake. Time goes by and they talk about what might happpen one day. Sure enough it finally happens and they are there on the tube scratching their butts wondering what happened. Hello! It's called water and crap roll down hill and you're living at the bottom of the hill.

Now don't get me wrong; remember, I'm crazy. I feel some sadness for these folks. They're down there in New Orleans wishing they were any place but there. It's going to be months before someone tosses beads off the floats and their beer is hot and their houses smell like crap, feel like crap and look like crap; not to mention that there are probably some crappy swimming through the kitchen. But I'm crazy. I'm sitting here on my mountainside drinking my beer and switching channels hoping to find something more interesting. All the darn channels are in New Orleans. You'd think the whole country is crazy about water. Not me. I like beer.

By the way, I sent a check to the Red Cross. I hope they buy some of those hot folks a cold one. They need it.