Sunday, September 18, 2005


I was over at Stinky Barnett's the other night. He had his dish attenae aimed up and his tv on. Now I'm trying to get this right but pardon me if I miss a point or two.

There were celeberties playing some kind of poker invented near as I can tell in Texas.

First off, I don't exactly know why these folks were called celeberties I didn't know one one of them and neither did Stinky. His wife Mabel thought maybe she saw one on a People magazine down at Lulabelle's Hair Salon but wasn't positive.

Now when I play poker down at the VFW I have to bring my own money. Heck, I even take my own drink. These folks was playing with somebody else's money and if they won they were going to give it to charities that they liked. I don't know about you but they weren't giving it to nothing like the Red Cross or the Salvation Army; they were giving it out to Save the Tree Frogs or some other odd sounding cause.

So there they were with two gentleman trying to tell us dumb folks how good or bad they were playing. Lots of chatter and laughing. Nobody was taking it that serious. If I had a couple of hundred dollars of my money on the table I'd keep my mouth shut and play like there is no tomorrow.

Little hidden cameras were showing us their cards so it wasn't that much to watch except them swapping chips and tossing cards.

The losers got to go sit in the loser room. If I had to go sit in a room with that female loser I'd think I was a winner who'd done died and gone to heaven. She was good looking and darn pretty to boot.

After the show was over I said, "Boy am I glad I'm not paying my hard earned cash to watch that there show." Stinky sort of agreed but not too loud because Mabel ain't sold on a dish tv. Guess you got to know when to hold em and when to fold them.