Monday, April 10, 2006

Stormy Monday

Some blame demons

Possessed make others possessions
Possession begets others possessed.
The magnitude of ticking licking is only conjecture.
Sensations dance logarithmic across the scale
As soles and heels feel the earth tremble.

Wars split souls infinitesimally smaller
Hurricanes’ surge roars in timeless spin
And man and woman or woman and woman circle tirelessly.
Simply a stolid secret of subtle spring
Wantonly waiting, waxing and waning for want.

Some cry for a break in their tepid fever
A blessed moment of cool reflective reflection
When time stops and breath is caught. Sigh.
But the possessed hunker in dark shadows
Shivering uptight that new light might be too bright.

Ouija boards, yarrow stalks, crystal balls, tarot cards,
Prostrations toward the moon and rocks in mountains-
We invoke spells to reveal one sallow solitary secret.
Rarely relax and take a chance to sit until the moment saunters.
Reconnoitering religions regurgitate the chagrin.

Imaginary demon spawn opens its maw wide
Spiked teeth and fangs bracket the forked tongue.
Surreptitiously slither and slide toward the grotto of amour
That is the way to feed desires and hold tight.
The voyeur resists the change that might reveal freedom.

Possessed make others possessions
Possession beget others possessed.
In the mountains sits a still pool beneath the reverse falls
And when the midday sun sits high overhead- look deep
That face is only your reflection on the transparent surface.