Thursday, February 22, 2007

New post

Old friend blogger greets me with message- new post. How did it know I'd been pulling an old post in the yard? How did it know I was creating a post to hold a light? Darn smart ass web site- new post.. indeed!

I'm listening to PF streaming Echoes from somewhere in the world. I've been in the warmer air outside just enjoying not freezing my ass off. I've heard from a few missing folks and caught up on their "news of the day" that is really old news. I've shared my old news and so I'm facing a blank slate.

That's not true. I've been making minor adjustments to some track gauge- really minor- thousandths of an inch. Oh now, PF ended, find another stream, this group isn't helpful. I'm jaded. What I want I want now. Not the desires of some DJ. Don't play what I want, I'm gone gone gone.

So what the heck does the railroad look like around here? I'll show you. Not going to make it look pretty or anything but I added some mountains in the background on the upper level and aimed the digital camera at it.

Geography lesson:

Bottom left- my computer underneath it all. Above it the section with Governors Island Bridge. To the right is Bryson, NC. On the next level up is Topton, NC (scenery hasn't started) That "thing that looks like a Dark Star (or black hole) is the cut off valve for the outside water. The black square is a window I painted over. The reason the drop ceiling has that odd drop is because there is an air delivery duct that I couldn't make disappear.

So it isn't beautiful. The trains run on time and the computer keeps me in touch withe the world.