Sunday, February 18, 2007

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Maybe that's my problem. I'm too many personalities. I've got too many interests. I'm all over the map. And I have accounts to segment those interests. At least I know where the e-mail originates. Mostly I've got railroad accounts and a couple of throw-away accounts. Too much SPAM and I toss the account. If only life could be that easy.

Big old tree dropped in the woods behind the house. I didn't hear it so maybe it made no sound. It split into several segments. I moved them a bit to delinate a path. Originally the path was to deter roaming deer. Now I use it to access the area. I go hunting for the invasive english ivy that a neighbor set free. I'm trying to keep it from taking over like a poor substitute for Kudz vine. It's just too cold to wander back there too much.

Pattern recognition. That's what I ws doing today. I was walking through the scrub trees head down looking for the pattern of english ivy. I'm trained to spot it by color and shape. Rip! Another sprig gets tossed. I also have skills at recognizing Chickweed and ants. Odd, isn't it. I go on a tear for weeds and bugs. Other folks go out in search of money and the opposite sex. I'm tramping around hunting things that I don't like rather than things I like. Maybe that speaks volumes about me.

Maybe it is just my life circumstances. I don't believe there have been any dollar bills or coins appearing in my yard. Last time I checked the garden there were no Playboy centerfolds lurking in the leaf-mold. But then how would I know- I'm not trained for that type of pattern recognition. Maybe I can take a remedial course through the agricultural extension service. But then my yard would be full of weeds and ants.