Thursday, June 07, 2007

Not mine

Recent food: PB&J on wholewheat
Current streaming audio: Genesis- White Mountain
Outside temperature 85+

Nope, I didn't take that picture. That's from Flickr. I have a Firefox extension that pops up a differnt picture from Flickr every time I go to my home page. At times I just sit here and hit the refresh icon.

We are what we take in. For me just a simple sandwich, some tolerable music, (this isn't that great but it's a web station) and a beautiful sight are enough to keep me happy for a couple of seconds. Of course that doesn't stay with me. I've got a railroad project that is gnawing at the back of my mind (darn ZAMAK!) a chapter I'm working on for next week's critique group. Too darn hot to worry about the yard. The fish are fed and a few weeds considered.

Think I'll just go to my home page and be amazed by some of the photographs that people take and post.